What makes Dr. Gordon better than any other Chiropractor I have used before is her thoroughness and attention to small details.  I have been working with Dr. Gordon for a few years now.  Her technique and expertise are first rate!  She not only is able to help with the unexpected problems that pop up, but she has helped me maintain a more healthy life!  I would strongly recommend Dr. Gordon to anyone that is looking for quality chiropractic care and massage therapy!   Thanks Dr. Gordon!!


Dr. Gordon's technique is EXCEPTIONAL. She is NOT a "neck-cracker" so common to chiropractors that are not in tune with addressing a patient's specific needs. Rather than focusing solely on the pain and problem area(s) she takes time to identify the cause, so the treatment will be long lasting. She also provides a substantial protocol for strengthening problem areas, injury avoidance, increased flexibility and all-around healthier living. Finally, Dr. Gordon employs mechanical and medical science combined with cutting edge technology in treating patients. One example is her precision system for measuring orthotics. It is now my understanding that a healthy balanced foundation (your feet) is a key to leg, back, shoulder, neck, and overall posture health. If you have an injury, chronic pain, or even if you are looking for increased flexibility to improve your golf game, I strongly recommend a visit to Dr. Renee Gordon!


Dr. Gordon is a lifesaver. I've had many different issues over the years, lower back, legs, knees, arms, wrists, shoulders, ribs and neck to name a few. Some of these were very painful, some moderately so. Some were caused by work, clumsy falls or just being out of shape and aging. It may take one time or a handful of times to take care of each problem, but eventually, Dr. Gordon relieves and cures each problem. On the rare occasion she thinks I have something that needs a physician's care rather than chiropractic, she will tell me.  Prior to Dr. Gordon becoming a chiropractor, I also had much success with another AK (applied kinesiology), but when she retired I waited a few years until I could find another AK chiropractor and one that is more caring and gentle. Thank goodness for Dr. Gordon. 
I highly recommend her for any chiropractic issues needed for you, your family and friends.


If you are pregnant or have had a baby and are experiencing any kind of back discomfort, do yourself a favor and see Dr. Gordon. She saved me! I wish I hadn't wasted money and  time going to the Four Seasons getting massages for my back pain. I saw Dr. Gordon on a day that if I moved an inch, I thought my back was going to break. The pain was excruciating. 45 minutes with Dr. Gordon and I was walking, bending and breathing pain free!! She really is amazing and knows her stuff.


I've been coming here for years!  I always get right in and out which works best for my work. Dr. Gordon has helped me with my shoulder and neck issues and is amazing! I definitely would recommend this office.
I've come in to the office not being able to move my neck in pain and have left with full movement and feeling fine.


I first visited Dr. Gordon while I was pregnant with my second child.  I had never experienced any sort of back issues and I was suddenly hit with lower back and sciatic pain, it was awful. I was extremely pleased to find that Dr. Gordon is certified in the Webster technique for pregnancy which instantly put my mind and body at ease, but her approach in finding the source of the problem and the gentile technique in which she corrects the issues made me feel so fantastic that I kept coming back each week. When I got up off of the table after my first visit, the pain was gone and I felt lighter, like I could be on my feet all day! I know for a fact that I had such an easy delivery and recovery because of my visits to Dr. Gordon. 

I would recommend Dr. Gordon to everyone, especially if you are pregnant...even if you are not experiencing any pain, the adjustments will make you feel so much better while you carry your little one.


I am thrilled to have found Dr. Renee Gordon. Within two visits, Dr. Gordon's Applied Kinesiology approach worked for me, eliminating the pain I was experiencing from re-injuring my old neck and back whiplash conditions that had resulted from several car accidents many years ago. Dr. Gordon utilizes very gentle techniques that are extremely effective. She has a caring nature and is so knowledgeable about the interconnections of the body.  I found her extremely well-trained, professional, caring and highly ethical. She is a problem solver, for sure. We worked on other issues too that had me out of balance. I also love her holistic approach that figures out the cause of pain, why there is a lack of energy and how the body needs to be properly aligned for good health. And best of all, she improves things for you. Need I say more except Dr.Renee Gordon is a gem to treasure?


I can not begin to tell you what a Blessing Dr. Gordon is to me and my well being.  I have had a problem with a rib that continues to pop out of place from time to time.  I tried a few other chiropractors before finding Dr. Gordon, but Dr. Gordon has been the most successful in treating me and keeping me in shape.  Not only has she helped me with adjustments, but Dr. Gordon has also taught me some exercises and techniques to strengthen my area of weakness.  Thank you for all your Help Dr. Gordon!

I would strongly reccommend Dr. Gordon to everyone wanting help with an ache or ailment or someone who just wants to live more healthy!!


I had strained my back and wanted to see a chiropractor. I was searching the internet when a friend called. I told her what i was doing and she recommended Dr. Gordon. At first  I was skeptical - I am a really big guy, about 6'1" and  300 pounds at the time and well Dr Gordon is a Woman. I made the appointment anyway. I was tired of searching.  When I saw Dr Gordon  there was something about her that really mad me feel comfortable. She started doing muscle testing and I was very intrigued by her technique and in seconds it was obvious she knew what she was doing. When I walked out of there I felt so much better and had the best day  not being troubled with the pain that would so often keep me frowning.


I went to Dr. Gordon for the first time a couple of years ago and she really helped me with one problem in particular and how to prevent that problem from occurring again.  I've always liked chiropractic and I've been to several chiropractors.  What Dr. Gordon does is different than what others do.  Her approach is very gentle.  When I first went to her, I was having a hard time walking becasue of the pain in my leg and foot.  I was significanlty better after one visit.  I ended up having a few visits for that problem and with maintenace it had never come back.  I reccommend her to all my friends that talk about injuries or pain or even just maintaning great health.


It's rare that you find a medical practitioner that is truly gifted but Dr Gordon is one of them.  You may not know about Applied Kinesiology but it's different than normal chiropractic, which I've also had (with no success).  I first went to a very good Applied Kinesiologist in Santa Monica, who got me healed from a sports injury to about 80%.  I kept at that level until I saw Dr Gordon, who got me to 100%.  At first I wasn't used to her method of AK so I resisted her a bit instead of just relaxing.  Some of her muscle testing techniques seemed funky and I couldn't believe that they would do anything.  But as a result, she was able to find the source of my problems in a very pinpointed fashion.  After only 3 or 4 treatments I could really tell the difference.  Your situation may be more severe than mine so please don't use me as a benchmark for yourself.

Once I was better, I saw her about 1x/month for general health.  There's some controversy over chiropractors because people think they make you dependent on them.  Do you fill your tires regularly?  Have the oil in your car changed regularly?  Do you think you are irrationally 'dependent' on your mechanic?  I'm not sure why we have this notion that bodies just run on their own with no need to counteract wear and tear through intervention.  Monthly visits to Dr Gordon counteracted 60+ hours/week of compression on my spine from a sedentary job, plus driving.  She also helped me realize that the way I was getting in and out of my car was actually exacerbating my problem.  We increased the time between appointments because I was able to keep my alignment better through more body awareness - exercises she showed me helped too, though I admit I was kind of sporadic there.

I stopped regular appointments when I moved from Ventura to Orange County.  However, I drive all the way from Irvine to see her when I have a problem (like I recently tweaked my back pretty badly by doing something dumb.)  AK chiropractors are hard to find and finding someone skilled is important to me.


Dr. Renee,

Thank you for having me at your office and making me new arch supports that provide amazing support.  Your personal opinion and expert guidance really helped me make the right choice.  Your overall kindness was extraordinary and i would like to thank you again for the quality time you spent with me.  THANK YOU!!!

Friend & Patient,


Dr. Renee,

Thank you so very much for taking care of my daughter.  She has suffered for years with chronic pain.  She is very happy with your healing abilities! Thank you!



" I am extremely satisfied with Dr. Renee Gordon. She's wonderful! The results are amazing! As a dancer, I would get migraine headaches after long rehearsals. Since going to Dr. Gordon, I have not dealt with one migraine since! I recently taught a 9-hour day IN TAP SHOES with no problem! I'm also a frequent traveler. Airplanes and hotel beds are torture on my neck and back. Her Applied Kinesiology methods make me feel great after a stressful trip. Dr. Gordon is really great because she listens to her patients and solves not only the problem, but the source of the problem as well. I highly recommend Dr. Renee Gordon to anyone, especially dancers!"


Dear Dr. Gordon,

I would like to thank you for all that you do on behalf of my family and myself.  I have the privilege of being one of your longest patients. The first time that I had occasion to see you professionally was after I had given birth to my first son and had horrible lower back pain. I was in such bad shape that I literally had to crawl on my hands and knees to your office. I had been seeing another chiropractor but the pain was never completely gone. After seeking treatment with you I am happy to report that I have never had another episode of that type.

As my family grew our needs changed. I have been kept happy by you through both my second and third pregnancies. You helped keep swollen ankles and sore backs at bay. You have helped diagnose and set up a treatment plan for my son's many allergies, as well as my own.

You have always treated us with care, respect and kindness (a big smile as well). We are forever indebted to you. Every day that I can now wake up pain free is fantastic and every day that I can take care of my family in a holistic manor makes our lives better.

Thank you for everything,

-A.F. & Family

I originally went to see Dr. Renee Gordon for plantar fascitis most likely resulting from years and years of dancing.  I found that not only did my feet start to feel better, from Dr. Gordon's adjustments and information on how to care for the condition on my own, but I also noticed other changes.  When I receive regular adjustments I have fewer headaches, experience less stress and find that I do not get sick as often.  As a dance instructor and generally highly sensitive individual, I have a lot of aches and pains, and adjustments keep me feeling mobile and energized. Regular adjustments have also helped to boost my immune system, which is a huge help to me since I work with kids on a regular basis.   Her office also offers massage, which is always therapeutic, physically and emotionally.  I'm grateful to have found her and am grateful for her services, and highly recommend her, and have recommended her to just about everyone!!!!


I was once the unhappy owner of migraine headaches.  They were the type that once they appeared, nothing would help and all I wanted to do was retreat to a dark room with my eyes closed and hope that the next morning the migraine would be gone.  

Dr. Gordon was able to get to the source of the problem by using a combination of skills and treatments which included applied kinesiology (muscle testing) to determine where I was the "weakest"
in my body, what common allergy producing foods may be the contributing culprits.  Along with
adjustments --without "cracking"-- I not only experienced complete relief, but the migraines were eliminated entirely.  I have not had a migraine or even a mild headache in over 4 years.  

Dr. Renee Gordon's caring for her patients' well-being is formidable with a real understanding of how the body works.  Her approach to addressing issues and their root source is by being a "detective" rather than resorting to traditional drug therapy.  I highly recommend Dr. Gordon to anyone seeking a person devoted to functional wellness, personalized treatment and most of all results.

Thousand Oaks, CA

Back problems had always been part of my life.  Constant and chronic pain was something that I had resigned myself to.  I came to Dr. Renee Gordon as a last resort, after countless other methods, in attempt to seek some relief.  After just two visits, my pain had almost disappeared and I felt like a 17 year old for the first time in years.  I have tons of energy now and can do the things I love again.  I am revitalized and happy, I can walk and run again, and I am spontaneous and feel my age!  IT is truly amazing to feel so much better and I am so grateful to Dr. Renee for all she has done for me.  The recommendation to see Dr. Renee has been such a blessing, and I hope the same for everyone because everyone really can benefit from her method of treating the whole person, and not just "putting a band-aid" on the issue.  I owe my health and happiness to Dr. Renee!  Thank you!


Dr. Gordon has treated me for several years for a variety of neuromusculoskeletal issues with great success.  Her therapeutic approach and bedside manner are terrific.  She always explains what she's doing and she collaborates with and continually "checks in" with the patient -- a very personal approach.  Anyone coming to see Dr. Gordon is definitely in highly capable hands.


I am so grateful that I found Dr. Renee Gordon!  There is no greater feeling than when your body is aligned and feeling strong.  You can accomplish anything.  

Having travelled bi-costally for five years every week took quite a toll on my body.  I look forward to my visits knowing that I will be leaving energized and carrying myself with purpose and confidence.

I'm hooked!  Thank you!


 As an avid road cyclist, I originally went to see Dr. Renee Gordon for help in alleviating numbness that was caused by spending so many hours on my bike.  Not only was my condition uncomfortable, it was also potentially dangerous as loss of feeling in my right hand could lead to compromised use when going down a steep descent.  My previous experience with a chiropractor had resulted in temporary relief, more like a band-aid, instead of finding a solution to the problem.  Dr. Gordon has helped me to get to the root of the problem and to find a way to delay the onset of the numbness and sometimes avoid it altogether, instead of just living with it.  She has a very caring and knowledgeable way of dealing with her patients and the fact that she treats many athletes in her practice gives her a unique understanding of what we experience on a daily basis.  I also find the massage therapy offered in her office very beneficial and will continue to use chiropractic therapy in my day to day life.


I first came to the office in the winter of 2013 for a labral tear in my right hip socket which had manifested over a year and a half prior. As a long time runner, I was very depressed about this condition. I had already been to two other chiropractors for a variety of treatments, including injections and manipulations, without much success. Dr. Gordon uses muscle testing and alternative techniques that do not aggravate my injury and helps me to heal faster. I am now essentially pain free and look forward to getting back to running within the next month.


I first came to Dr. Gordon’s office around 2007 for a sinus infection that I had had for a day or two. After treatment from Dr. Gordon, my sinus infection went away in a day or two. Now, when I feel a nasal drip coming on.  I go to see my chiropractor and I come out feeling better and the nasal drip/ potential sinus infection which would normally turn into a cold would be all gone.  I haven't been sick in years since I have become a believer in chiropractic care. I take my boys ages 11, 14, 17 & 18 when they experience the same symptoms.  They absolutely love it. I also take my boys when they experience pain in their back, shoulders or arms from swimming.  Chiropractic care is great for athletes too.  My boys age 17 & 18 ask me for an appointment with the chiropractor when they are not feeling well.

I highly recommend Dr Renee Gordon.  She is great in listening to your needs and addressing them and make you feeling great.  We love her.


I came to Dr. Gordon about 10 years ago.  She has been a support to me both physically and mentally.  She always makes herself available for me when I need an adjustment.  I have had back trouble on and off for many years.  She always helps me walk out of her office feeling healthier, stronger and happier.   I come in imbalanced and she fixes me right up.  She is warm, effective, professional and I think gifted in what she does.
I am so grateful to have her on my support team!

- J.G.
Mom of 3 young kids

I have been a patient of Dr. Gordon for the last year.  I have been seeing her for issues surrounding my knees and back related to old injuries and regular workouts.  I was referred by Ryan Hogan.  I have had great success with my treatments.  Dr. Gordon has been very attentive in understanding my condition and treating me with care.

- C.S.

I want to start out by saying Dr. Gordon is fantastic and my family and I love her and coming to see her.

I have been seeing Dr. Gordon since she first became licensed. I initially went to see her due to severe lower back pain. I have had back issues on and off for over 10 years. I had been to a chiropractor before coming to see Dr. Gordon. While my pain was reduced, it was never truly gone. Since coming to see Dr. Gordon, my back has never been better. I no longer have a constant dull ache. My back feels great.

Thank you Dr. Gordon.

- A.F.


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